Well Known Healthcare Data Analytics Companies

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Healthcare Data Analytics

Healthcare facilities from a small clinic to the country’s best hospitals store their data electronically. This practice has been done for a decade now which needs some changes to welcome even a better tool for data storage. Companies that manufacture electronic gadgets are facing problems in creating devices with such high storage capacity. Hospital Management Solution Provider companies have exact solutions for hospitals that can make their data management very easy. According to www.softwareadvice.com/crm/healthcare-crm-comparison/ software solutions like customer relationship management help companies serve their customers in a better way. Software solutions that use data analytics efficiently analyze every patient’s data in no time. Let us check some of the companies:

The top name in the list of healthcare data analytics market is IBM. They provide support solution that optimizes the collaboration between patient and doctor to improve patient treatment and care. With software solution provided by IBM, the payers get a better value for their money. Their support also provides the understanding of opportunities to prepare bigger and better plans.

OptumHealth is the second most sought-after company in the field of healthcare data analytics market. It offers healthcare management solution, complex medical support, physical health programs and decision support systems. It also provides mild solutions like payer solution and employer solution.

Third on our list is Oracle which has analytics program primarily designed to get more insight into a patient’s safety and health issues. It allows a healthcare company increase their efficiency by suggesting their clients with what extra they can do to stay healthy and away from diseases. Oracle has both Analytics and warehousing solutions for a better-integrated way of viewing all the data you want.

A global player in this market is Verisk Analytics which is a lesser known name than IBM and Oracle but has a large number of solutions to offer for healthcare solutions. Verisk Analytics has got solution suites for managing enterprise analytics, compliance, and quality, payment accuracy, life, legal and revenue integrity. Hence, you get an all-around package for managing the hospital data from a single service provider. A healthcare provider can make informed decisions every day by referring to what their software solution has got to say.

MEDai Health
For enhancing the management decision quality, you can also take services from MEDai’s Health analytics solution. It has got several solutions to help develop policies and procedure that can better the functioning of your healthcare institution.

MadeAnalytics,Truven Health analytics, Allscripts Healthcare Solutions and Cerner
In the list, other prominent vendors can be MadeAnalytics and McKesson. On the one hand, where the former is a daily management solution, the later can provide you with automation and consulting services. Another company that can help you integrate the regular processes for a better outcome is Truven Health analytics, Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, and Cerner. By hiring analytics companies for your healthcare institution, you focus more on people than technology. You can do what you are good at which is to look after the health of affected people. Healthcare data analytics needs a specialized focus if you want to take out a good advantage of it. Hence, forget the worry and select a healthcare analytics company that best suits your need and budget.

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