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An Image which resembles a doctor and a bargraph that depicts Healthcare Data Analytics.
  1.   Allied Business – It is one of the leading players in the healthcare data analytics field. They offer advanced healthcare products that serve as a complete one-stop solution to hospitals. Some of their technologically advanced products are Mediview Endoscopy, HMS (Hospital Management System) Software, Mediview PACS, Hospital Maintenance Management –MP Software and Jeenah LIS software. The healthcare industry is developing rapidly and so it has to be managed effectively. Allied Business has more than 50 years of experience in healthcare industry and they offer futuristic solutions. They provide complete care to satisfy their aim of serving clients with best satisfaction level.
  2.   IBM – IBM is the popular name in the healthcare data analytics area. They offer complete support services that enhance the association between doctor and patient to improve patient care and treatment. IBM offers various healthcare software solutions, which benefits the payers and it is truly worth for money. Their support services help in knowing the opportunities that help them to prepare for better and bigger plans. IBM functions with healthcare facilities all over the world to influence information technology to offer improved operational effectiveness, accomplish better care and enhanced outcomes. It offers integration, architecture, technology, process and program management solutions to hospitals looking to change their infrastructure or new hospitals.
  3. An Edited Image that resembles a person points out the Human pulse rate.  Optum Health – It is the third most preferred company in healthcare data analytics field. It provides decision support systems, physical health programs, complex medical support and healthcare management solution. Moreover, they also offer additional solutions like employer solution and payer solution. With innovative population health analytics, Optum Health’s experts assist you in identifying the maximum value member engagement chances in medical management programs. This way, you can quickly enhance your member targeting capacities, return on investment and quality care models. They help you in developing value-based repayment strategies and high performing networks with their broad network of expertise. It is possible for the clients to accelerate medical cost risk and performance through the combination of their datasets, tools, and insights.
  4.   Oracle – It is another important player in the field of healthcare data analytics. They have primarily developed the program to gain more information about the patient’s health and safety issues. It helps the healthcare company enhance their efficiency by advising their clients with valuable inputs to remain healthy and free from diseases. The best part of Oracle is it has both warehousing and analytics solutions for a better-incorporated system of accessing data they need. Oracle empowers healthcare companies with complete industry solutions besides with integrated ERP, supply chain, HCM, finance, and EPM cloud solutions. Oracle’s healthcare solutions help to innovate and modernize to increase clinician satisfaction, improve population health, improve patient experience and reduce per-capita cost.
  5.   Verisk – Though Verisk is lesser recognized name than Oracle and IBM, Verisk Analytics is a global player providing various kinds of healthcare solutions. It offers solution suites for handling enterprise analytics, quality, and compliance, payment accuracy, legal, life and revenue integrity. Thus, the clients can get a complete package for managing the hospital information from a sole service provider. It helps the healthcare provider to make better decision every day according to their software solutions. Verisk Health offers employers, providers, and payers with data analytics, services and advanced technologies which helps to enhance the quality of healthcare supply and ensure suitable revenue.
  6.   MEDai’s Health – If you wish to enhance management decision quality, it is also possible to obtain services from the industry’s leader- MEDai’s Health Analytics Company. It is a top health information company providing award-winning resolutions for the enhancement of healthcare delivery. Using advanced technology, the care management organizations and payers can predict patients at risk, forecast future health plan expenses, find cost drivers for high-risk population, estimate patient patterns from time to time and enhance outcomes. It offers several solutions that help in developing procedure and policies for the better functioning of the healthcare institution. The analytics company remains as an asset for healthcare institutions, which help the payers to focus on services more than technology.


  1. Lekha says:

    Healthcare happens to be one of the most significant areas in today’s fast world. Many people worry about getting the right kind of health care and are keen on quality. Firms in this industry are creating some of the best quality medical products such as image reporting systems in the healthcare industry.

  2. Ahamed says:

    Healthcare happens to be one of the most significant areas in today’s fast world. The whole idea is to make sure that you get the best possible solutions to issues in this industry. They say that health is wealth, and in today’s world more and more people are aware of the need for good health.

  3. Fazina says:

    With innovations in the field of medical imaging Doctors now find it easier to access a patient’s medical history, especially when it comes to medical images and videos, thereby saving a lot of time between patient visits, and starting treatment sooner.

  4. Rinzu says:

    With increasing significance of quality health care and health care products, there is a need to offer people some of the best solutions in health care, and the one goal is to strengthen excellence in this field coupled with the many years of expertise in the healthcare industry.

  5. Tanaya says:

    With new and innovative treatments for multiple diseases, health care has gone into a whole new level, as far as the healthcare market is concerned, new and improved solutions in medical imaging software have entirely changed the nature and scope of medical imaging systems.

  6. Chandrima says:

    The healthcare analytics company remain beneficial to hospitals, patients and also enhance experiences of both patient and hospital. It reduces the analytics expenses by developing a simple to use healthcare analytics platform. It also automates internal and external reporting.

  7. Prasanth says:

    It is important to select the right healthcare analytics company as it can bring a lot of changes to the entire management. It is difficult and unique to measure the healthcare data. It is necessary to choose the right vendor to tackle various issues.

  8. Priya says:

    It is a well-researched and informative blog. I was able to gather lot of interesting points while reading this blog. Moreover, the writer has clearly mentioned about the services and products of each healthcare analytics company. It remains easy for me to shortlist the best one for my purpose.

  9. Raja says:

    Though it is expensive to invest in healthcare analytics company, the profits and results are really valuable. It is possible to measure the results in quick time. Healthcare analytics company tries to eliminate the traditional paper and pen way of recording patient’s information.

  10. David says:

    I was surprised to read about the software in the healthcare sector. These healthcare software remain as a backbone to large hospitals. It is hard to run or manage hospitals and healthcare organization without implementing such advanced software and devices.

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