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The website [] offers its visitor the option to view the website according to the Terms and Conditions listed forthwith. While accessing or viewing the website, the visitor agrees to all the mentioned Terms and Conditions and is understood to have read through all of the contents and understood the implications. The visitor offers their unconditional consent to the Terms and Conditions wherever applicable.

This Website facilitates the uploading/posting/submission of images, profiles, notes, messages, text, video, information to other websites. The visitor can submit their Content using the website interface. The visitor is responsible for any Content posted or published and will have to handle consequences if any arise. The published Content will belong to the Website and the user will have further rights to the above mentioned Content. Each Content submitted will adhere to the Indian law and is protected by the trade secret and proprietary rights. Any information posted or published on the Website is deemed to be non-confidential. The visitor thereby posts Content at their own risk.

Since the Website hosts Content from a multitude of sources, the Website is not responsible for the truthfulness or accuracy of any content. The Website is also not responsible for any error, claim or omission made by any of the advertisers on the Website.

Terms and Conditions

The visitor hereby agrees to the following terms and conditions of conduct in reference to the Content:

  • The Visitor agrees not to publish or post or display or upload or distribute any defamatory, profane, obscene, infringing, sexually explicit, pornographic, unlawful topic, material, name or information.
  • The provided material should not exploit or violate any person living or dead.
    If false information is provided on the registration form, the visitor will be dealt with according to the terms and conditions stipulated.
  • Any material already published on the Website will not be presented to a third party for publishing.
  • The visitor is not allowed to violate any state, local, or national or international law, code or guidelines.
  • The visitor must refrain from uploading files that consist of software or any other data that is against the intellectual property rights.
  • The visitor is not allowed to use the Website to promote or advertise any product or service without explicit permission from the Website owner.
  • Any images or videos on the Website belong to the Website.

If the visitor violates any of the above mentioned rules, he or she will be banned from accessing the Website and will also be forced to bear legal action.

Every visitor to the Website needs to adhere to the above mentioned Terms and Conditions for the Website to be able to cater to its audience in a peaceful manner. Any visitor found to be disrupting the peace of other visitors will also be taken to task by the owners of the Website. Provide accurate information when you are making any financial transactions on the Website. The Website bears no responsibly if the visitor is duped by any of the advertisers on the Website. The visitors are advised to exercise extreme caution always.