March 22, 2018

Insight Into the Online Jewellery Market in India

India’s e-commerce industry has shaped up into a vast marketplace. An online marketplace for jewellery is still a hard catch. You must be aware that in India, there are traditional jewellery sellers every kilometre. So, most potential buyers trust their products when it is directly bought from the jewellery store than the stuff which they get online. Indians have always remained sensitive to what they can touch and feel. Especially for precious jewellery like diamond and gold, people will invest very carefully. The recent developments in online Diamond Jewellery Store are actively combating the doubts that Indian shoppers used to have earlier. According to, the online jewellery shopping industry is catching up a lot of speed with regard to sales. Importance of online presence: Overall statistics of Indian market tells us that online jewellery industry is not only one of the fastest growing but also the most volatile industries. […]
March 13, 2018

How Can Architects Use The E-Commerce Platform Effectively?

Can a similar technology like e-commerce enter into the field of architects? E-commerce websites provide B2C services at all times. It is possible to have a model when B2B commerce is established online. The amount of B2B activities online can help Industrial Architects a great deal. According to, an industrial designer’s work dimension will face fundamental changes with the online technology which might unburden them of a few responsibilities. Architectural e-commerce will be beneficial to engineering professionals, building product manufacturers and dealers selling construction products. The switch to an online platform is not going to be as easy as of now. All the parties need to make changes from their front for being able to switch to an online commerce website for providing their products and services. There will always be a few things to keep in mind when it comes to e-commerce for architects. The first thing is […]
March 3, 2018
Healthcare Data Analytics

Well Known Healthcare Data Analytics Companies

Healthcare facilities from a small clinic to the country’s best hospitals store their data electronically. This practice has been done for a decade now which needs some changes to welcome even a better tool for data storage. Companies that manufacture electronic gadgets are facing problems in creating devices with such high storage capacity. Hospital Management Solution Provider companies have exact solutions for hospitals that can make their data management very easy. According to software solutions like customer relationship management help companies serve their customers in a better way. Software solutions that use data analytics efficiently analyze every patient’s data in no time. Let us check some of the companies: IBM The top name in the list of healthcare data analytics market is IBM. They provide support solution that optimizes the collaboration between patient and doctor to improve patient treatment and care. With software solution provided by IBM, the payers […]
February 28, 2018

The Indian Wedding industry And Its Future in E-Commerce

Famously referred as “the big fat Indian wedding”, weddings market is a huge one in India. Indian weddings are just about the spend without expecting anything in return. People celebrate weddings in India like a festival where decorations, foods and plenty of people come together. Wedding Photographers are booked to capture the memorable lifelong days of the wedding. According to people spend lakhs of money on professional photography. Every single thing related to marriages in India is a high potential market such as decorations, music DJ, catering, cloth designers and what not. Since Indians believe in special marriage dates according to kundalini and similar things, there is a particular season in which maximum marriages happen every year. All the retailers related to marriage-related goods eagerly wait for that time so that they can push their business. With every passing year, the expenditure and effort on weddings in India become […]
February 22, 2018

Consumer Behaviour Trends

Ever since the inception of e-commerce, consumers have been fascinated by the comfort offered by online shopping. Consumers of today have become smarter and have learnt to use online shopping sites to do their research and find the best site to purchase the exact product they are looking for at the best possible price. This is one of the reasons why consumers have been migrating towards online shopping much better than expected. With the growth of digitization in the twenty first century, every single product is available online, making it easier for the consumers to go about their shopping online from the comfort of their home. Interestingly, with better internet speeds being offered at competitive prices, consumers are also finding it easier to stay connected to the internet and browse through different shopping websites at their leisure. Online retailers are taking advantage of this and often hold mega sale festivals […]