The Indian Wedding industry And Its Future in E-Commerce

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February 22, 2018
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March 3, 2018

Famously referred as “the big fat Indian wedding”, weddings market is a huge one in India. Indian weddings are just about the spend without expecting anything in return. People celebrate weddings in India like a festival where decorations, foods and plenty of people come together. Wedding Photographers are booked to capture the memorable lifelong days of the wedding. According to people spend lakhs of money on professional photography. Mrs. Pranathi, who had hired a Wedding Planner for her special day, feels completely satisfied and enjoyed the celebrations stress free. Every single thing related to the wedding such as decorations, music DJ, catering, designers, welcoming guests, return gifts and what not, was wonderfully planned, organised and executed by the team.

Since Indians believe in special marriage dates according to kundalini and similar things, there is a particular season in which maximum marriages happen every year. All the retailers related to marriage-related goods eagerly wait for that time so that they can push their business. With every passing year, the expenditure and effort on weddings in India become grander than before. Indian style weddings are all lavish and fun with lots of food and dance. The wedding industry in India is worth several thousand crores. Arrangements like destination wedding amount for the most significant chunk of money injected into the wedding market.

The surprising fact is that even after such potential no business tycoon has tried taking it to the online platform. Is the idea feasible, to serve cater wedding services online? The partial factor behind it is many business people are not interested in making changes. There can be a simple platform where people can get in touch with many vendors and get their services online. The vendors will be from different big cities with speciality products. People could shop according to their requirement and interest. No negotiations would be required as everything will have a transparent price scheme. Various vendors can come to one place and register themselves to provide their services.

Indian weddings are a lucrative business platform with substantial cash flows and growth. All thanks to the wedding industry that many other allied industries are also prospering with it. Wedding planners are making huge money. Other people who work with them are getting profits such as beauty clinics, décor, cosmetic giants, matrimonial websites and tourism. Foreign people have started showing their interest to get married the Indian style with lots of colours and enjoyment. People are readily investing lump sum amount of money to get a marriage done. People are getting the replicas of their favourite movie set cast in a pandal in their wedding. The entire ceremony is divided into a three-four day celebration.

An event that lasts for so many days translates into lots of food and decoration each day. People will wear different dresses on each day which gives perks to the apparel industry. When there is so much potential in the wedding market why not harness the energy to create something useful. After all who would have thought that one day the concept of Indian arrange marriages would have gone online. Today these business concepts are working successfully. It is possible that someday in the future, online wedding businesses may spring up and become a dominant industry.

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