Steps Involved In Paying Your Professional Tax

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Steps Involved In Paying Your Professional Tax

Paying your professional tax is a complex task, and you may require some professional help for the same. Make sure that you have registered your account and be ready with your registration number. Business owners must pay this tax to the respective state. The following is the complete guide that would help to complete the professional tax payment.

Professional Tax Payment

Visit the official website to pay the professional tax online. The site varies based on the state you run your business.

  • You must choose between a self-employed professional or registered employer.
  • Now enter the professional tax registration number of your business.
  • Now mention the period for which you have to pay your professional tax.
  • Mention the date and the tax amount that you have to pay.
  • Enter the bank details for payment and click on submit.
  • Save the payment challan for future reference.
  • Documents To Be Submitted: You have to submit certain documents when making your professional tax payment. The documents to be submitted are listed below
  • PAN Card is required for professional tax payment. Make sure to offer a copy of PAN Card attested by the Director of Company.
  • Submit the certificate of incorporation of your company.
  • Proof of company
  • Bank details


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