February 22, 2018

Learn The Basics To Begin An E-Commerce Business In India

E-commerce is a growing business method all over the world. In India especially, people are nowadays more and more interested in e-commerce. Consumers find it easier as they can easily buy products or services sitting at home itself. Businesses also find it easier as they need not set up a physical store and waste time and money furnishing it and setting the interiors. Recent estimates have shown that e-commerce in India will grow from 30 billion US dollars to 100 billion US dollar by 2020. The part of the success of e-commerce credit goes to m-commerce (shopping through mobiles). The mobile e-commerce played an important role in promoting the retail industries online. Now, India stands second in the smartphone market, next only to China. So, how do you begin an e-commerce business in India? Let us start right from the basics: An Online Store As the business is online, you […]