Insight Into the Online Jewellery Market in India

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India’s e-commerce industry has shaped up into a vast marketplace. An online marketplace for jewellery is still a hard catch. You must be aware that in India, there are traditional jewellery sellers every kilometre. So, most potential buyers trust their products when it is directly bought from the jewellery store than the stuff which they get online. Indians have always remained sensitive to what they can touch and feel. Especially for precious jewellery like diamond and gold, people will invest very carefully. The recent developments in online Diamond Jewellery Store are actively combating the doubts that Indian shoppers used to have earlier. According to, the online jewellery shopping industry is catching up a lot of speed with regard to sales.

Importance of online presence:
Overall statistics of Indian market tells us that online jewellery industry is not only one of the fastest growing but also the most volatile industries. The number of opportunities in the jewellery sector is in plenty and e-commerce seems like one of the best way to exploit it. Many big brands in this industry have started their online division that offers the same products as their brick and mortar store. Since Indian jewellery market accounts for a substantial amount of export in the country, online stores will give way to selling Indian jewellery to a more significant number of customers through online websites.

Why Indians love gold?
An e-commerce website selling gold, diamond and other precious jewellery products can cater to the various needs of a customer. In India, people make use of gold in a variety of ways. Gold is considered to be a smart investment decision by Indian people. Households often purchase gold on special occasions as it is said to be very auspicious to buy gold. Marriages in India are never complete without gold and the same applies while gifting, people always prefer gold. The demand for jewellery never seems to go down among Indians. In this case, providing people an online shopping platform gives them extra ease of shopping their favourite precious ornaments.

People prefer online shopping:
Unlike the other items sold online such as apparel, stationery, crockery, etc. setting up a jewellery store is a tad confusing. Linking all the manufacturers and retailers is a massive task in itself. Online presence creates challenges such as designs getting copied. Jewellery customisation becomes difficult as it cannot be stocked with other items in a warehouse. People are fond of personalised jewellery which is difficult to achieve through an online store. The forecasting of demand for such things cannot be done precisely. The only option manufacturers are left with is automating some of their backend process that customises the jewellery immediately as per the demand of the customer.

Importance of technology advancements:
Technology advancement has a considerable role to play in this case without which the problem will never get solved. Distribution is the major challenge which needs innovative product and service planning. With the right plan and technology, India has the potential to become world’s most dominant gem and jewellery exporter. Some of the proposed problems might not get solved quickly; still, the ease of shopping online is attracting many online sales. The technology is yet to mature that provides a user with the same experience like an offline jewellery store.

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