Online Vs. Offline Shopping War
February 22, 2018
The Indian Wedding industry And Its Future in E-Commerce
February 28, 2018

Ever since the inception of e-commerce, consumers have been fascinated by the comfort offered by online shopping. Consumers of today have become smarter and have learnt to use online shopping sites to do their research and find the best site to purchase the exact product they are looking for at the best possible price. This is one of the reasons why consumers have been migrating towards online shopping much better than expected. With the growth of digitization in the twenty first century, every single product is available online, making it easier for the consumers to go about their shopping online from the comfort of their home.

Interestingly, with better internet speeds being offered at competitive prices, consumers are also finding it easier to stay connected to the internet and browse through different shopping websites at their leisure. Online retailers are taking advantage of this and often hold mega sale festivals to motivate their customers to make large purchases. The cash on delivery option makes it easier for the consumer to trust the e-commerce website since they only have to hand over the cash after the product or good reaches their doorstep. Some e-commerce websites have gone a step further and even offer their customers a chance to try out their different products at their home, before deciding which one to keep. All these different strategies are encouraging the consumer of today to opt for online shopping rather than take the time to actually go and visit an old-fashioned retail shop.

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