January 4, 2022
A girl is shopping apparels on the ecommerce platform, keeping her tablet on her lap and having debit card in her hand.

Role Of E-Commerce In Apparel Fashion

Ecommerce And The Fashion Industry E-commerce sales of apparel have increased significantly in recent years, particularly in India. Online marketplaces have helped increase sales of regional and traditional clothing and allowed small businesses to reach a wider audience with their products. Now that e-commerce is in place, fashion is no longer limited to the borders of a single state or country. With the best communication design degree in Chennai, the DOT school of design discusses how e-commerce is becoming a more prominent marketplace in the country and improving the fashion industry. Find out more. Importance Of Ecommerce In The Fashion Industry Fashion eCommerce refers to the online purchase and sale of fashion goods using e-commerce platforms. There is no doubt that e-commerce has become an important factor contributing to the popularity of traditional and regional clothing. The fashion and apparel industry has also experienced tremendous growth in sales due to […]